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A decade of Storm Group

December 3rd, it is freezing outside and everyone is looking forward to their Christmas break. Might not be a perfect time to recruit and launch a brand new direct sales team for outdoor field marketing. Turns out, it worked brilliantly. On the 10-year anniversary of Storm Group, we look back on quite an extraordinary journey of what is today a leading field marketing agency in the Nordic region. The best thing about it, however, is that there is much more to look forward to when we look ahead.


From analog to digital with the best people by our side

It all started in a courtyard in Aarhus, Denmark. Torben Marvin, Founder and CFO, remembers: We used paper contracts back then, and our phoners made follow-up calls on folding chairs. It’s hard to understand it’s been 10 years. The great thing is that several of the people, who helped start the company back then, are still part of Storm today”.

The fact that these individuals are still part of the family is as much a recognition of Storm Group as it is of them. While focusing on team motivation and continuous coaching, we have trained and promoted dozens of aspiring talents in sales, communication and leadership. The good candidates got a strong starting point for their future, the great ones went on to new, attractive jobs and the best of them are still with us to this day – as team managers, senior managers, sales directors and partners. Something that builds a strong culture of community, fulfilled potential and entrepreneurship.

But the paper contracts are long gone. With our sales platform, Storm Live, we are 100 % paper-free. We introduced the market’s leading cloud based platform to ensure the highest data quality in our digital sign-up flow, automated data transfer for our clients, liveboards and integration of public and industry specific databases. We strive to keep the entrepreneurial spirit present in everything we do. This is a reason we have been able to digitalize an otherwise analog business.

The executive management team has also maintained an innovative and agile approach to our clients’ campaigns throughout our growth and development. This is why we have the pleasure of working as an integrated marketing unit for several clients. And the setting for ongoing partnerships with companies who joined us at our beginning. Today, we are our clients’ one-stop shop for sales and marketing needs in the field, over the phone and online. Just as we increase their value creation through strategic partnership, concept development and intelligent campaigns.



So what about the next 10 years?

Founder and CEO, Rasmus Sindberg explains: We started out with a vision of doing it better. We recognized a gap in the industry that was in need of a player who could balance scale and quality. We had no idea we would end up with an advanced technology product or offering our clients a new way of doing sales. It was much more simple than that, we just wanted to deliver better sales. We’ve cemented this ideology as our strategy statement and that will be with us going forward as well. Because even though we are in a different position, we still meet the request for a serious and quality-focused player in our field”.

In recent years we have introduced, Penny Lane and Silver Bullets, Storm Group’s two sister brands. The emphasis on Storm as a group will be even more prevalent in the future. Mainly because of our focus on entrepreneurship and belief in empowering the pioneers who want to lead, develop and expand our company. This demands new brands, new markets and new approaches that keeps us in the lead. Just as in the beginning, we are gaining ground through the agility and energy of a start-up but with the experience, resources and capacity of a growth organization.

In the coming years, we are developing our educational programme to make sure we provide the strongest skillset and development of our sales and fundraising talent as well as our managers. To unveil a bit, we are looking into closer partnerships with established institutions and ramp up of our theoretical training with e-learning.

Moreover, we have ambitious goals both when it comes to growing our offices in existing and new regions but more importantly when building the people in our organization from partner level to trainees.

This anniversary is truly a celebration of the success and victories achieved by the individuals and teams in our organisation. And we thank everyone who has made it possible both those part of the Storm Group family today and throughout the past 10 years.

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