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August 23, 2016

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  • An entrepreneurial spirit as the greatest asset

    In Storm Group we pride ourselves on being innovative, thinking outside the box, staying ahead by constantly asking how we can improve. In other words maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit.

    CFO Torben Marvin Jensen and CEO Rasmus Sindberg founded Storm Group in […]

  • Storm Group’s MVPs

    In Storm Group we have many ways of motivating our team to deliver better sales. One of the ways we do so is by nominating the most valuable player each month. This is a metric that emphasizes quality sales and […]

  • The nationwide Cooperative campaign

    In Denmark we pride ourselves on cooperatives. The notion of companies owned and managed by the people who use their services is a cornerstone of the Scandinavian social democratic society. However, some would argue that cooperatives are an outdated topic […]

  • Meet Lars

    Something that represents Storm Group is its entrepreneurial spirit, a fast-paced work environment and being adaptable to changing conditions. All of these elements reflected in Lars Jørgensen as well.

    While taking his Master’s degree in Corporate Communication at Aarhus University, Lars […]

  • The importance of talent development

    Talent Development Officer Melvin Mutton gives his take on the importance of mentoring, encouraging and developing our talented employees.

    With a focus on our employees’ education and personal development, the partners decided to introduce the Talent Development Department in Storm Group […]


    We are no longer talking about heading into a digital age – we are in it! The rapid changes brought on by digital technologies are transforming consumer and buying behavior and the marketing initiatives needed to retain and win customers. […]

  • Coming up: Our largest sales tour ever

    The summer is just around the corner. Working with field marketing it is always an exciting time of year –more people are outside and they tend to be more approachable. But this summer is more exciting than ever, because at […]

  • Meet Christian

    After 8 years in the media industry, we are thrilled to welcome Christian back as Client Director.

    What do you bring to the role as Client Director?
    I started as sales consultant in Storm Group back in 2007 and was later team […]


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