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An entrepreneurial spirit as the greatest asset


In Storm Group we pride ourselves on being innovative, thinking outside the box, staying ahead by constantly asking how we can improve. In other words maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit.

CFO Torben Marvin Jensen and CEO Rasmus Sindberg founded Storm Group in 2007, both with vast experience in sales and marketing. Managing Partners Melvin Mutton and Jeppe Degn joined them on day one. All our Directors started as Sales Consultants when Storm Group was still a newcomer and built a career in the company. They took part in shaping Storm Group and had a direct impact on its growth and success. Resulting in a great deal of ownership from dedicated leaders. It is this sense of ownership and influence that Storm Group tries to engage in all our managers, giving them the opportunity to evolve and letting them impact our business.

8 years down the road, Storm Group is a leading player in field marketing with 12 offices in 3 countries and a sales team of approx. 150 full-time employees. A key aspect of the success has been to maintain the entrepreneurial mindset. Rasmus Sindberg explains how Storm Group never evolved into a large corporate company; today it is rather defined by 12 independent innovative teams of entrepreneurs. He defines this notion as Storm Group’s largest asset; being able to maintain the fast paced solution-seeking mindset of a newcomer. “We have so many young individuals in our organization looking for new ways to improve their sales team”.

Team Manager Viktor Nielsen is a good example. As Highroller of the year in 2015, he is hardworking and leads by example showing strong results. With a go-getter mentality Viktor has helped pioneer new projects, relocated to learn from and coach teams in different cities and countries. He recognizes Storm Group’s entrepreneurial spirit in every meeting with Trainees, Consultants, Coaches and Managers:

Every question, every advice stems from a wish to renew and optimize the way we work and our mark on operations, whether it is better coaching, meetings, time in the field etc.”.

Viktor personifies what Storm Group set out to do; educate a successful sales team while delivering strong results and always looking for ways to optimize the process and approach as we go along. On his Storm Group transition and own mentality and success, he explains: ”Public speaking always scared me, I was never comfortable as leader of a group, I didn’t like being out of my comfort zone, and would get nervous meeting new people. When I started in Storm Group, it was the first time I wanted to change all that. Every time I was faced with a new challenge, I felt driven by the resistance it showed me. The more difficult it was, the harder I would fight for it to succeed. As a result, I have worked on optimizing our work and processes in 4 different cities, 3 countries, worked on many campaigns, accepted any project put in front of me and had a multitude of presentations”. This is the kind of mentality and leadership that makes Storm Group what it is, and what continuously improves our business.


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