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From “goddag” to “g’day”

It’s official; we’re making our biggest move yet! This summer Storm Group is launching our business in Australia.

When Torben Jensen and Rasmus Sindberg started a sales team in a courtyard in Aarhus, Denmark, 10 years ago, they had no idea the company would grow into the leading Nordic sales and marketing agency. If a crystal ball at the time of folding chairs and getting through the first year had told them about 250+ employees in 4 markets enabling over 110,000 yearly sales along with the upcoming move, they might not have believed it.


Key ingredients to that success are the entrepreneurial spirit among the people in Storm along with our constant focus on quality. Which is exactly, what is needed, when we open office on the other side of the planet, where no one knows our name but where we recognize substantial client and market demands:

“We see the same problems down under that we worked tirelessly to solve in the Nordics. Field marketing is a fragmented market in Australia that’s focused more on numbers than quality. Storm believes in both – quality in every dialogue and the results to match” explains CEO, Rasmus Sindberg.

It was in Australia, he and Torben learned the trade and met Melvin Mutton who today is Chief Development Officer and Partner, and who is leading the charge in Australia:

“I took the first steps of my sales career in Sydney 16 years ago, and I’ve spent the past 7 of them building Storm into four markets. Now, I’m excited to launch our business in my home country, especially with the warm welcome we’ve had meeting potential partners”, says Melvin Mutton.

Clients are eager to get involved with our innovative cross-channel solutions and getting the best people involved in representing their brand. Starting out, we’ll be representing some of the region’s most prominent NGOs and looking into collaboration with the telecommunication, food services, payment and energy sector.

With an ambitious growth strategy, Storm Australia is starting in Sydney this summer and expanding into new offices and states within the first year.

Do you know a local aussie or visiting backpacker, who is looking for what might be the most exciting challenge of their career? Then send them this link:


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