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The importance of talent development


Talent Development Officer Melvin Mutton gives his take on the importance of mentoring, encouraging and developing our talented employees.

With a focus on our employees’ education and personal development, the partners decided to introduce the Talent Development Department in Storm Group to create better opportunities for everyone to progress in our organization. Regardless of whether you’re starting in the company on your first day or following a career in leaderships, coaching or management in our proven success of the MMD program.

Many companies spend time and money on boarding new people and trying to find that next talent to create more value for the company. So, we need to stay agile and have our eye on the ball or we might miss out on the next Super Star that can create that value in our sales teams and potential management team.

Our Talent Development Department puts in the extra hours on hosting team events, educational workshops, conference calls and one-on-one meetings with a focus on mentoring, personal development, inspiration, leadership and Coach training. By investing time, money and commitment in employees at all levels the department helps enable a great culture within our team and brings a lot more value for our people, clients and future customers experiencing our fast growing and expanding company.

My personal view on the talent development today is very positive. We have grown from strength to strength. When the company occasionally meets its taught times, this department motivates, educates, develops and inspires our top Coaches and new on-boarding-team to step up and help turn our situation around to create value both in sales and growth targets. Today we have 10 Core Members and 16 Rising Stars that leads our company from the front in performance and team building.

2016 will be our biggest year so far for the Talent Development Department, our goal is to develop more future Managers to help us achieve our company goals both now and in future expansions.

Yours sincerely,
Melvin Mutton
Talent Development Officer & Partner


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