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In Sweden, Norway and Finland we have great experience with residential sales. Read on and get a better understanding of the sales channel and the point of view of one of our residential consultants.

You’re at home having a few lunch guests over. The doorbell rings. It’s a polite young man who’d like to tell you more about an attractive offer on your energy deal. You ask him to come back, when you have more time. The following day the company calls you to schedule a meeting. Meanwhile you hear a neighbor talking about how much they have saved on their bill after switching supplier. A few days later the doorbell rings. It is that exact guy again returning to present you with the energy offer in the comfort of your own home. At first you might find it a bit weird practically inviting a stranger in to your house, but that feeling is overwhelmed by the convenience of it all. You are able to invite your partner to join in, if they have questions, and you have the information of your current energy agreement right there in the house, so you can compare the price straight away. And moreover the deal is pretty great.

Chief Operations Officer, Jeppe Degn Pedersen, explains:

At Storm Group we have great experience with residential sales and fundraising in Norway, Sweden and Finland. In all of these regions it’s common practice. The consultants and customers typically both have more time to go through the deal, so it’s a very stable client group because they are so well-informed and often there’s been several decision makers involved.

We asked Alex, a top consultant at Storm Group who is affiliated to one of our NGO-campaigns in Sweden, to answer a few questions about working in residential.

What do you think is so special about doing residential sales?
“What I like about residential is first of all that it’s face-to-face, which helps to build trust and makes it easier to relate to the costumer, since it’s in their home environment. Also residential sales really speeds your own progress. It builds a healthy mentality and you learn to overcome your own obstacles faster than you would in most industries”.

What are you doing that works so well?
“I always want to make sure the customer knows the true value of their donation. They might not remember me or my name. But when they think about the organization they will automatically get a feeling – it’s that feeling I can affect with my presence. I let them know that they are part of a great cause. And if they say no to joining, I still want to leave a positive impression because today’s ‘No’ could be tomorrow’s ‘yes’”.

How do you like working in Storm Group?
“I’ve been in Storm since the beginning of September, and I think it’s great! We all feel a lot of support but also responsibility, which has made us deliver more all together and reach new levels and standards”.

 If you want to know more about Storm Group’s work with residential sales feel free to contact our Client Director, Christian Brünnich, on [email protected].


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