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Interview: Dominic Kotarski

Proud to announce that international consultant and author Dominic Kotarski is in Copenhagen today to strengthen our leaders and commence their final stage of MMD fast track. Dominic is a veteran in the field marketing industry, and we asked him a few questions about the industry and what he has learned along the way.

We had a visit from international sales consultant and author Dominic Kotarski. Dominic is a veteran in the field marketing industry, and we asked him a few questions.


What is Storm Group doing right?

“Creating a culture that allows people to grow and to reach high professional goals. Storm Group is creating opportunities for people to move out of their comfort zones, maybe into new cities and countries, which is a great way to develop your professional experience”.


Why is Field Marketing so important for the clients?

“Field marketing is one of the best ways to reach parts of the market that you can never get through traditional marketing or media. It also allows your brand to have a positive, fresh, young face”.


What made you go into the sales business?

“For me sales was an exciting, never-dull-moment adventure that allowed me to develop my confidence, people skills, speaking skills and transfer my skills to different countries. Bottom line, I was able to live and work in over 11 countries over the past 12 years because of my sales experience”.


Did you ever consider changing industries?

“I thought about quitting when I first got started almost every day. When I could provide my own income I thought about quitting every month. When I was managing an office, I thought about quitting every 6 months, and when I was helping out other people manage offices I forgot about quitting, because I got the thrill of helping others”.


What fascinates you about the sales process?

“You can help people to enjoy a new product or a new service and normally save money or end up with a better quality of life”.


What’s the most important thing you’ve learned doing sales?

“The art of persuasion”.


What’s the most common issue faced by young sales consultants?

“The image associated with face-to-face marketing, feeling not confident about how they are perceived by other people”.


How do you help them overcome this feeling?

“To know that you’re developing skills that will help you to become successful in life. 75 % of millionaires have a background in sales”.


Do you have a piece of advice for our sales consultants?

“If you have more happy days and you’re learning something about yourself, you should stick to it. As long as you’re still learning, don’t quit. When you’ve learned everything you can, move on”.


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