A growing company

“Storm Group is a Nordic effect agency creating tangible results for strong brands. We are present in 4 countries and have an ambitious growth strategy of more offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.”

– Rasmus Sindberg, CEO & Partner

High capacity and flexibility

Storm Group’s presence in 4 markets gives us a flexibility and capacity, which is hard to find in other effect agencies.

We have the resources and skill set to carry out campaigns that demand a high level of coordination from our administration and booking team in relation to visited territories. With our unique collaboration between SEAS-NVE and Coop Mobil for instance, we work on a national plan visiting all parts of Denmark.

Targeted site management

In Finland, we likewise handle campaigns with high demands for our administration and management of visited sites. In close contact with our Finish client, Vattenfall, we have identified specific geographical areas, where we target our activities.

Similarly, we have targeted campaigns in Sweden and Norway for our energy and NGO clients.