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Something that represents Storm Group is its entrepreneurial spirit, a fast-paced work environment and being adaptable to changing conditions. All of these elements reflected in Lars Jørgensen as well.

While taking his Master’s degree in Corporate Communication at Aarhus University, Lars founded his own communication agency. With Corp Com he offered corporate clients assistance with communication projects and strategy, applying his theoretical background in strategic management of corporate communication to practical issues faced by companies. Lars explains: “It’s an educational process running your own company. There’s only one person responsible for delivering the product – you. It taught me to be independent and strengthened my ability to identify what creates value for an organization”.

With a Bachelor in International Business Communication and an interest in new media, during his Master’s Lars knew he wanted to adapt to the market’s increasing demand for skills within social media and took electives in digital media and marketing.

He started as Storm Group’s Community Manager in 2014. He revived our social media presence, internal communication interfaces and employer branding strategy. “I have always been interested in social media, so when I saw this opportunity, I knew it was for me. Moreover, in the recruitment process it was apparent that Storm Group is a company where ideas are quickly turned to action, which appealed to me”.

Lars is always driven and ambitious in his projects, and saw an opportunity and growth potential for Storm Group within digital marketing. With his efforts we are today able to offer intelligent marketing flows, digital conversion of leads and other ways of boosting our clients’ online brand awareness. In regards to the field, Lars mentions that: “we have an exciting and valuable range of digital marketing offers, but we are always looking into new and unexplored possibilities. Data based marketing will without a doubt increasingly be an important field for companies, and I am currently looking into how we can improve our offerings in this exciting area”.

Lars started out in corporate communication and had an untraditional path to the title of Digital Marketing Manager that he earned last year. But his strive to continuously evolve, challenge himself and seeking to grow his skill set with seminars, courses and mentor programs takes him to new heights within the field, and allows Storm Group to provide innovative marketing solutions for our client.

If you would like to know more about Storm Group’s offers within Digital Marketing, do not hesitate to contact Lars Jørgensen on [email protected].


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