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Meet Storm Group’s new Telemarketing Director


Heidi Emborg is the newest addition to Storm Group; as of February 1 she is our new Telemarketing Director. With about 15 years of experience in sales and telemarketing, she is off to a flying start.

Storm Group is looking to invest even further in developing our telemarketing department, and Heidi will drive this change. She is heading the strategic and operational execution of an ambitious growth strategy. This means developing and managing our telemarketing department in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

As everyone in Storm Group’s executive management, she started as a Sales Consultant her self: “I started in TDC’s telemarketing team part-time while I was still in school. I considered it a temporary position – I just wanted to try it out. But I quickly realized I had a real flair for it. I was fortunate that TDC offered me a management position and courses in sales management. 15 years later, I am still as exited about telemarketing, and associate it with a sort of pride being part of the field”.

After 7 years at TDC, where Heidi was invested in management of recruitment, sales and strategy, she started her own sales agency, Values Sales & Marketing. With a team of 15 Telemarketing employees, she successfully provided both inbound and outbound sales, to private and business clients. She completed the Graduate Diploma in Business Administration – the HD program – at Copenhagen Business School, and has following worked at Viasat as well.

What made you want to shift to Storm Group?

“Storm Group is reputable as highly professional as well as being accommodating to both clients and employees – I think that is a rare combination that I find appealing. Also Storm Group has a fortunate position in the market, where they can choose to corporate with clients where they see growth potential, and excel at their role in enabling that growth. Because of this I think there is a great basis for a strong Telemarketing presence. Moreover it was an important factor for me that every employee has the option of an education in sales and communication from day one with the MMD-program”.

What are your plans for Telemarketing in Storm Group?

“Storm Group is founded in field marketing and has build their success formula from it. I want to translate that into a telemarketing department with the same muscle power. Currently we have a sole Telemarketing department in Aarhus, and this March we are starting one in Copenhagen. That is just the start”.

What is your best advice for a future telemarketing employee?

“Don’t underestimate telemarketing! I will guarantee that in every high level management team in any large Danish company, you’ll find someone who started in telemarking. You gain so many valuable tools, not just in sales but customer service and communication as well. It is the hardest discipline in sales, but that is why it is such a confidence boost, if you can sell a product without being physically present with the customer, you can sell anything”.

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