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MMD – the foundation of our work


MMD is Storm Group’s internal educational system. It stands for Marketing techniques, Management training and Development opportunities, which captures the essence of the programme. It’s an education that provides guidelines for sales and leadership, and depending on the employee’s ability to implement it in practice, it can provide opportunities to build a career in our company.

MMD is divided into 4 levels and all of our employees have started on MMD1 and gone forward. There are different requirements to performance, behaviour and market insights in order to move forward, which ensures that the right people excel through MMD.

By using 4 levels, we make sure that we slowly build our employee’s skill set in the best possible way both theoretically and in practice.

MMD determines how we communicate internally among colleagues and externally towards our customers and clients. It determines how we recruit Trainees, how we operate on a day-to-day basis, how we focus on quality, how we coach, how we lead, and how we will deliver better sales.

“We will deliver better sales” is our strategy statement. It is a statement that infuses everything we do including our MMD programme, and it is a statement we all believe in.

There is so much more to MMD than what we have described in this short article. If you are interested in more than make sure to have an eye on our LinkedIn company page.   


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