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Some of the people we meet in our recruitment process are curious, excited and some anxious about what it is like to start in a fast paced sales organization like Storm Group. Naturally, we inform them of our acknowledged MMD education program, tell them about our focus on team mentality and how they will be paired with a Sales Coach on the very first day. But what is the experience like in those first few weeks? We asked the question to 5 people on all levels in our organization, and joined them down memory lane.


Mathilde, Sales Consultants in telemarketing – an educational experience

“It’s been great. I started last month, and we really get along in the team. It’s cool how every day you are able to go a little further and do more. The negatives have been people’s assumptions about telemarketing, but you build a really good skill set that they underestimate. The most challenging was that very first call. I’d never tried anything like this. I needed to remind myself that they don’t know if I’m 45 or 21, they don’t know that this is one of my first calls or that I’m nervous. Now I’ve learned to adjust the conversation to fit whoever I’m talking to. Which is especially important when I represent the Danish Heart Foundation, many of the people I call have lost loved ones to heart-related deceases and it’s important that I adjust to the situation. A favorite of mine is that I still learn something new and get better every day.”

Mette, Sales Coach – motivated by the team

“I was really anxious my first week. Unfortunately it didn’t go to great performance wise, and it was tough seeing others on my level delivering strong results. But I thought ‘if they can do it, I can too’. The second week was much better, and the third week I actually managed to meet my target. It was really cool being part of a culture, where everyone was eager to make an extra effort and win as a team!”

Nickolai, Junior Team Manager – wanted to stop but met new standards

“To be honest, I didn’t think this job was for me when I started out. My Coach had to persuade me to stay another day, and I still thank her for it. I realized that the challenges I saw weren’t really about the job but in my attitude. I kept comparing the setup to “regular jobs” and looked for the negatives in a sales position. Not until I tried challenging myself and tried doubling my previous hourly salary things changed. I would recommend everyone to break the habits and challenge their thought pattern, that’s the only way you’ll create new standards.” 

Mathias, Team Manager – a start with ups and downs

“I remember my first day vividly. So many impressions, new people and information I needed to remember, but thanks to the people in the team, it was a good day. Second day, a Sales Director asked me to practice my pitch on him in front of everyone; I was terrified and completely froze up – so embarrassing. On my third day I was on location at the busiest site in my hometown, which in itself was overwhelming. But I had a Coach with me, and with his guidance, I managed to hit my target and really impress myself. Day 5 was in Bauhaus on Black Friday – customers everywhere – it was chaotic. But my confidence was high at this point, and I surpassed all targets that first week, which I was a bit cocky about. I’ve tried to forget my second week, I only managed half of the sales compared to the week before. This really broke my confidence. I only focused on the sales I didn’t make; so it became a negative downwards spiral. The third week I had to regain the stamina. I remember being really nervous, and would have a knot in the pit of my stomach going to work, because I simply had to prove I could perform after such a bad week. That fear of letting myself down, and the fact that I really liked sales, became my motivation. Knowing that I can achieve any goal if I set my mind to it drove me back on the horse and got me where I am today.”

Armin, Sales Director – a motivating new career

“My start was a bit chaotic. I started out on a road trip with people I didn’t know in Lolland-Falster, where I’d never been. But they greeted me warmly and driving around with them from location to location built report and formed a great bond between us. I had so much fun on my first day. All the things I didn’t know I would ask my coach about. I really liked trying to engage with as many customers as I could. Without knowing it, I had set a new sales record for the campaign – I had just had fun. The first weeks I focused on learning as much as possible. I even visited different offices to learn from other coaches. I completed the MMD program, and knew I wanted to inspire others how I reached my goals. I was really motivated by a workshop held by our CEO about the quarterly strategy and possibilities to grow within the company – I wanted to be part of that. At this point I had finished a Bachelor in International Marketing, but it hadn’t taught me about customer behavior, communication, sales techniques, coaching or creating results, which I learned here. I loved the culture, the people in the team and especially the possibility of personal and professional growth. I am still grateful for the job offer one person gave me almost 8 years ago.“


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