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The nationwide Cooperative campaign


In Denmark we pride ourselves on cooperatives. The notion of companies owned and managed by the people who use their services is a cornerstone of the Scandinavian social democratic society. However, some would argue that cooperatives are an outdated topic that for many seems more relevant centuries ago, while we were still an agricultural society. But in fact the idea of shared ownership and opting for a solution where the end-user has a say is increasingly relevant today. In the past year the amount of Danes actively participating in the sharing economy have tripled. More and more people share their car, their apartment or their clothes. And in the cooperatives you get a share while you get to share your electric company, your trade organization or your retailer – a share and a say.

This is why we so enjoyed the collaboration we could fulfill between Denmark’s two largest cooperatively owned companies: Coop and SEAS-NVE. We were able as their representative to meet the many customers and members. With a campaign giving great offers to Coop’s members with Coop Mobil membership and options in the cooperatively owned electric company. Customers are more than just that in both companies, and it has been rewarding interacting with them, prompting the cooperative notion while welcoming new members to SEAS-NVE. It is estimated that in one year SEAS-NVE’s members will activate over 4,400,000 Coop-points – a win all around.

A national reach

There are 1.4 million Coop members in Denmark. So a national reach is essential in this campaign. Other than supplying the finest team of trained sales consultants, this is an area where Storm Group can contribute. With 8 offices in Denmark alone, our teams have been able to visit 330 different Coop stores across the country multiple times over the past year. We are fortunate to have the geographical capacity to satisfy the size and width of the Coop membership program in this campaign, and we will continue to meet as many Danes as possible.


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