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  • From “goddag” to “g’day”

    It’s official; we’re making our biggest move yet! This summer Storm Group is launching our business in Australia.

    When Torben Jensen and Rasmus Sindberg started a sales team in a courtyard in Aarhus, Denmark, 10 years ago, they had no idea […]

  • Interview: Dominic Kotarski

    Proud to announce that international consultant and author Dominic Kotarski is in Copenhagen today to strengthen our leaders and commence their final stage of MMD fast track. Dominic is a veteran in the field marketing industry, and we asked him […]

  • A decade of Storm Group

    December 3rd, it is freezing outside and everyone is looking forward to their Christmas break. Might not be a perfect time to recruit and launch a brand new direct sales team for outdoor field marketing. Turns out, it worked brilliantly. […]

  • Vigtigheden af talentudvikling

    Talent Development Officer Melvin Mutton forklarer her sit syn på vigtigheden af at opmuntre, udvikle og være mentor for vores talentfulde medarbejdere.

    ”Med fokus på vores medarbejderes uddannelse og personlige udvikling besluttede partnerne at introducere en indsatsgruppe indenfor talentudvikling i […]

  • In the comfort of your home

    In Sweden, Norway and Finland we have great experience with residential sales. Read on and get a better understanding of the sales channel and the point of view of one of our residential consultants.

    You’re at home having a few lunch […]

  • A successful multichannel experience

    While representing Elektron and the Danish Heart Foundation at the football match between Danish soccer teams BK Frem and Brøndby IF, we created a campaign that managed to engage potential customers on several different platforms.

    Welcome to Valby Idrætspark! Consultants greet […]

  • An entrepreneurial spirit as the greatest asset

    In Storm Group we pride ourselves on being innovative, thinking outside the box, staying ahead by constantly asking how we can improve. In other words maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit.

    CFO Torben Marvin Jensen and CEO Rasmus Sindberg founded Storm Group in […]

  • Storm Group’s MVPs

    In Storm Group we have many ways of motivating our team to deliver better sales. One of the ways we do so is by nominating the most valuable player each month. This is a metric that emphasizes quality sales and […]

  • The nationwide Cooperative campaign

    In Denmark we pride ourselves on cooperatives. The notion of companies owned and managed by the people who use their services is a cornerstone of the Scandinavian social democratic society. However, some would argue that cooperatives are an outdated topic […]

  • Meet Lars

    Something that represents Storm Group is its entrepreneurial spirit, a fast-paced work environment and being adaptable to changing conditions. All of these elements reflected in Lars Jørgensen as well.

    While taking his Master’s degree in Corporate Communication at Aarhus University, Lars […]

  • The importance of talent development

    Talent Development Officer Melvin Mutton gives his take on the importance of mentoring, encouraging and developing our talented employees.

    With a focus on our employees’ education and personal development, the partners decided to introduce the Talent Development Department in Storm Group […]


    We are no longer talking about heading into a digital age – we are in it! The rapid changes brought on by digital technologies are transforming consumer and buying behavior and the marketing initiatives needed to retain and win customers. […]

  • Coming up: Our largest sales tour ever

    The summer is just around the corner. Working with field marketing it is always an exciting time of year –more people are outside and they tend to be more approachable. But this summer is more exciting than ever, because at […]

  • Meet Christian

    After 8 years in the media industry, we are thrilled to welcome Christian back as Client Director.

    What do you bring to the role as Client Director?
    I started as sales consultant in Storm Group back in 2007 and was later team […]


    Some of the people we meet in our recruitment process are curious, excited and some anxious about what it is like to start in a fast paced sales organization like Storm Group. Naturally, we inform them of our acknowledged MMD […]

  • Storm Group Finland

    It’s official! We are very happy to announce that Storm Group has moved further into the Nordic region and can now welcome happy customers in an exciting campaign with our energy client, Vattenfall, in a new market from our brand […]

  • MMD – the foundation of our work

    MMD is Storm Group’s internal educational system. It stands for Marketing techniques, Management training and Development opportunities, which captures the essence of the programme. It’s an education that provides guidelines for sales and leadership, and depending on the employee’s ability […]

  • Why we aren’t afraid of the digital age

    We are no longer talking about heading into a digital age – we are in it! The rapid changes brought on by digital technologies are transforming consumer and buying behaviour and the marketing initiatives needed to retain and win customers. […]


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