What we do


We help clients achieve their marketing ambitions through high volume acquisition campaigns.

In the development stages of each campaign, we bring together bright minds to nurture the full potential of the customer interaction:

  • Marketing consultants develop a tailored campaign concept.
  • Campaign coordinators identify the opportune target segments and geographical regions.
  • Analysis of the competitive climate, brand and commercial offer results in a value proposition design and dialogue prototype.
  • Business intelligence and IT team ensure the technical components are ready and waiting.
  • Visual designers create an identity, look and feel to leverage the campaign.
  • Sales executives prepare the strongest teams of brand ambassadors to bring the campaign to life.


At Storm, we command a number of deployment channels:

  • Face-to-face dialogue in event, residential and public areas.
  • Digital marketing incl. social media, search and content
  • Contact centre organizing in- and outbound telemarketing
  • SMS and email marketing supports the campaigns

We meet the customer in a context relevant to the product with content that matches the customers’ objectives. Regardless of this being in an Instagram carousel ad, a flyer at a festival or a polite interview request in a shopping center.