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Coming up: Our largest sales tour ever

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The summer is just around the corner. Working with field marketing it is always an exciting time of year –more people are outside and they tend to be more approachable. But this summer is more exciting than ever, because at Storm Group we are venturing out on our largest sales tour ever.

Last year we took our campaign to 16 different festivals and event sites for 1-2 weeks coordinating 40 sales consultants at a time. This year we are introducing 5 different campaigns within charity, energy and telecommunication and will be on the road for 6 weeks altogether.

Sales Director Armin Kavousi is in charge of the Summer Tour 2016: “This year will be extra special. We get to take the learnings we gained from last year’s experience and draw on the pros and cons to create an even more structured and lean sales tour. We are really looking forward to it. A summer tour like this is unique experience. Along with various shopping malls we are visiting festivals and fairs, the team is on the road together for an intense period of time, they are living together, sharing most hours of the day and working hard. So we make sure to have fun activities and competitions prepared for them. All of these are also factors in the special connection between members of our summer tour team, sharing breakfast in their cabins, concerts on their breaks and ups and downs in performance – it is fun to see a lot of friendships created”.

We are currently recruiting trainees and sales consultants for this year’s summer tour, where they can choose whether they want to join the team for 2 or 4 weeks in a row.

Last year we had the pleasure of welcoming some of the participants of the summer tour as a permanent part of our field marketing team afterwards. A participant from last year’s summer tour explains how there could be overwhelming moments, but when those manifested each sales consultant had a personal coach providing sales training, support and acknowledgment of their effort, “my personal motivation was strengthened by the goal setting”.

We look forward to meeting you in cities and at festivals all over Denmark this summer!


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