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Why we aren’t afraid of the digital age

We are no longer talking about heading into a digital age – we are in it! The rapid changes brought on by digital technologies are transforming consumer and buying behaviour and the marketing initiatives needed to retain and win customers. Storm Group’s Digital Marketing Manager, Lars Jørgensen, shares his thoughts on how the digital age changes how to succeed.


The Nordics is one of the most connected regions in the world. For instance; 98 % of people in Sweden use a cell phone or smartphone, and 90 % of these access the internet daily. This behaviour highly influences the way customers purchase products, a recent study from Google shows that 58 % of Danes’ recent purchase journeys were made online.

Does this mean that field- and telemarketing is done and dusted? Actually, not at all. Our experience is that many customers, even those used to shopping online, enjoy the face-to-face option that exists in a dialogue, where they can ask questions specific to them and get an answer straight away. However, it does mean that the new purchasing behaviour needs to be carefully considered when developing a sales campaign.

A great example is an energy client of ours, where we are in charge of multiple cross-platform campaigns, which are all integrated to work together.

Part of this cross-platform campaign is AdWords, Facebook ads, e-mail marketing, SMS marketing as well as field- and telemarketing. The campaign is developed to remind the potential customer about the advantages of our client’s service regardless of whether they are online or offline. The campaign’s multiple elements are designed and integrated around the customer’s behaviour.

The results of the campaign have proven very positive, and as we get more data to work with and use as foundation for new initiatives, the results will only be more impressive.

The beauty of digital marketing, as I see it, is the enormous focus on data and how it is possible to monitor the customer’s behaviour. This means that a marketing agency in their decision-making process can supplement gut feeling and experience with continuous time- and customer-specific feedback to make better and more agile campaigns. Something that benefits both us and our customers.

If you have any questions to our services within Digital Marketing do not hesitate to contact Lars Jørgensen, Digital Marketing Manager.

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