In-store campaign for Australian media mogul

What: In-store live campaign
Who: Foxtel
Where: Australia

Client: Foxtel is one of Australia’s largest media companies. Operating in broadcasting, cable television and streaming services, they deliver premium entertainment to the masses.

Case: Streaming services such as Netflix and HBO are putting pressure on traditional broadcast media. As a result, Foxtel wanted to strike back in competition of the Australian viewers.

Given our experience with in-store campaigns in Scandinavia, Storm Group designed a campaign for the retail chain Harvey Norman. This means meeting the customer with a purchasing mindset, when they are choosing TV and considering price vs. quality. In this setting, we introduced them to the new 4k technology from Foxtel’s new IQ4 system.

“Functioning as an integrated part of the Harvey Norman-stores created great cohesion in the campaign because product, audience and venue played well together”.

- Trine Hoffensetz winther, Client Director, Storm Group

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