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Storm Group’s MVPs


In Storm Group we have many ways of motivating our team to deliver better sales. One of the ways we do so is by nominating the most valuable player each month. This is a metric that emphasizes quality sales and team spirit.

MVP means Most Valuable Player; it is a term born in the world of sports, after each game an MVP is chosen. In Storm Group a team member can be nominated as MVP if they live up to the criteria of strong performance, this can also mean best improvement, value sales, being punctual, helpful and hard working.

Sales Director Mads Hartov explains:

“We have adopted the term, because we feel it is a great motivational factor for the team and gives incentive to perform better and have role models you can look to for ways to improve”.

Every month the managers nominate a person in their team for the distinction that employees are keen to add to their resume. Mads continues: “For me it is incredibly important that our MVP is a strong team player who contributes constructively to the team. The MVP is an example of great performance, so it should be a person that is willing to coach others on how to learn from them. For instance Rikke, who is a recent MVP, shows exemplary results in sales, but moreover demonstrates strong leadership skills as it comes natural for her to provide quality coaching to the team as well – for an MVP it is important to have the whole package.”

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Hei, hyggelig å møte deg!

Jeg heter Trine, og jeg er det første kontaktpunkt her i Storm Group. Ønsker du å høre mer om hvordan våre salgs- og markedsføringsløsninger kan levere resultat for din bedrift så er det bare å skrive inn navn og nummer, så ringer jeg deg opp.