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While representing Elektron and the Danish Heart Foundation at the football match between Danish soccer teams BK Frem and Brøndby IF, we created a campaign that managed to engage potential customers on several different platforms.

Welcome to Valby Idrætspark! Consultants greet you, ready for quality dialogs with spectators. The flyer on your seat announces the product, HjerteStrøm, a collaboration between Elektron and the Danish Heart Foundation. It also informs you of a competition, which the voice on the loudspeaker reminds you of during the game, saying: “Football isn’t just about winning – it’s about exercise and a healthy lifestyle”. If you want to participate in the competition and win a gift certificate for SPORTSMASTER, simply grab your phone and send a text message with the name of the game’s “most energetic player”. A clever pun while promoting the energy plan, HjerteStrøm, allowing the customer to sign up for electricity from Danish windmills at a low variable price while supporting the Danish Heart Foundation’s fight against heart disease with a monthly donation. If you want to know more, simply contact the consultants at the stadium.

Looking down at the football field you see the NGO and energy company’s banners and flags indicating where you can contact their consultants for further information or sign up for a call by a telemarketing consultant once you are back home. The banners and flags are strategically placed so the viewers watching the game on TV in the comfort of their home know that Elektron and the Danish Heart Foundation are sponsoring the game.

  • Over 200 people participated in the SMS-competition
  • Over 100 people announced their interest in a monthly donation for the Danish Heart Foundation
  • Over 75,000 viewers watched the game at home, where the banners were front and center on the field

Sales Director at Storm Group, Armin Kavousi, says:

It’s a pleasure to see the company constantly evolving, and this is yet another example of how we develop our competencies. In the case of the Frem-Brøndby match we were able to offer a more extensive commercial sales, branding and marketing strategy to Elektron and the Danish Heart Foundation. In relation to performance our sales consultants did great, delivering more than expected. But the customers got much more out of it with exposure on many different platforms

Both clients were happy to be present at the match, and Peter Rasmussen, Head of Sales & Loyalty at the Danish Heart Foundation, explains:

Our key message about exercise and a healthy lifestyle as prevention of heart diseases really plays well together with what’s going on on the field. We truly enjoyed attending the match, where the spectators were happy and excited about the work we do, and over 100 of them showed interest in a monthly donation

Lastly, Digital Marketing Manager at Storm Group, Lars Jørgensen, informs about the move from traditional to digital marketing:

Many of our customers show an interest in broadening the scope of the campaigns we assist them with to include digital aspects such as ads on social media, adwords, online onboarding and also the SMS-feature we did at the football match. We are well equipped to assist and challenge them on the format of their campaign, to make it the best we can

If you want to know more about how we may assist your company at a future event like this, feel free to contact Client Director, Christian Brünnich, at [email protected].

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