Advocating climate change awareness

What: Fundraising campaign at “100 places”
Where: Copenhagen/Aarhus, Denmark

Client: CARE is a global humanitarian organization dedicated to saving lives, ending poverty and achieving social justice. CARE Denmark was established in 1987.

Case: Long before the climate crisis was an established fact, CARE Denmark hosted a large photo exhibition at Kgs. Nytorv in Copenhagen and Store Torv in Aarhus. The award-winning wildlife photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand documented endangered natural environments around the world.

At “100 places”, Storm Group represented CARE informing visitors of the work the organization does in areas threatened by climate change. Thousands of guests achieved a better understanding of the issues and those with the greatest interest had the opportunity to sign-up as member receiving a beautiful coffee table book as a welcome gift.

“It’s important for us to deploy campaigns we believe in commercially as well as ethically. We are fortunate to work with brands like CARE and contributing to the fight against climate change by creating awareness”

- Rasmus Sindberg, CEO, Storm Group

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