Summer Tour for Danish Cancer Society

What: Fundraising Tour
Who: Danish Cancer Society
Where: National campaign, Denmark

Client: The Danish Cancer Society is one of the largest NGOs in Denmark. They are committed to their vision of a life without cancer with their main purpose being research, prevention and patient support.

Case: The Danish Cancer Society works strategically in development of their fundraising channels, which is why Storm Group was chosen as supplier of field marketing. The collaboration started as an organized tour through the Danish summer scene.

During July and August 2018, our consultants welcomed well over 1,000 new members. As a result, the summer tour turned into an ongoing collaboration, where we have contributed with over 17,000 new monthly donors.

“The annual summer tour is a great experience for our consultants traveling new regions with their team and really getting to know each other. That energy always reflects the results, and we were happy to make an impact for such an important cause”

- Armin Kavousi, Chief Evangelist

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