Welcoming frequent flyers to SAS EuroBonus

What: Strategic partnership and lead campaign
Who: SAS Eurobonus
Where: All bigger airports, Denmark

Client: Scandinavian Airlines is a well-established brand. But their frequent flyer programme, SAS EuroBonus, is still unfamiliar to many travellers. It offers great benefits and service opportunities to loyal members.

Case: Storm designed a rotation plan, bringing our sales consultants to Denmark’s biggest airports along with chosen travel- and lifestyle fairs to meet the target audience.

A competition offered customers the possibility of winning 100,000 EuroBonus-points; an activity leading to significant growth in EuroBonus registrations. The campaign contributed with over 5,000 new members along with permissions for key partners.

“Luckily, we could rely on our seasoned booking crew to cater for a campaign active from 05:00 to 23:00. It is a venue with a unique flow, suddenly 10 planes would land at the same time creating that hectic shuffle of an airport. Our consultants were great at adapting though; several of them delivered over 100 sign-ups daily”

- Mads Hartov, Sales Director, Storm Group

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