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All aboard the Scandlines holiday experience

As a holiday treat we assisted Scandlines in spreading a bit of holiday cheer aboard their ferries.

Welcome aboard! Perhaps you are leaving for the last business trip this quarter, maybe you are visiting family and loved ones for the season or perhaps you have planned a trip to buy your Christmas presents.

Either or, here we are to welcome you to Scandlines and offer you a Christmas treat. It is a Christmas campaign where the stressful weekend transfer was allowed to be a scene for Christmas greetings and holiday celebration.

We started our collaboration with Scandlines this summer as part of our Summer Tour. Storm Group’s Summer Tour 2016 was rolled out on land, in the air and at sea. In other words, at concerts, fairs and shopping locations, at selected airports and on the Scandlines ferries. Onboard Scandlines we introduced passengers to the loyalty program, Smile. A campaign that went so well that we were happy to collaborate with them again on this holiday promotion campaign centered on creating a positive atmosphere, bringing energy and handing out treats to create that holiday vibe among the passengers.

Our consultants really enjoyed the campaign, Scandlines was happy and several treats were exchanged for smiles and hugs from happy passengers. It’s been a pleasure. Over the past year we’ve had the agility and adaptability to include more variety in the campaigns we’ve taken on. This is a good example, and it’s been a pleasure” – Armin Kavousi, Sales Director.

Happy holidays everyone!


Hej, trevligt att möta dig!

Jag heter Trine och jag är den första kontaktpunkten här i Storm Group för att diskutera hur våra sälj- och marketinglösningar kan leverera resultat till ert företag. Skriv bara in namn och telefonnummer så ringer jag upp dig.

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